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Are you stressed, tensed up, nervous, powerless, anguished or do you suffer from sleeping problems?

All of that are signs that you should do your body a favor.

If the balance of body, spirit and soul is missing this can cause an overstimulation of the nervous system and different negative symptoms.
I am able to support you restoring your inner balance by using various treatments.

I offer:

  • Wellness-/sport-massages, holistic massages
  • Foot reflexology
  • Polarity treatments (energy-massage based on traditional Vedic healing knowledge
  • Easy-Yoga (Yoga suitable for everyday and office life)
  • TERRAPI-treatments (conversation, energy of the body work, etc.)

Summed up, my main goal it to locate blockades of all kinds and to rectify them.

Sometimes, these blockades are simple muscle tensions which I can relax with massages.
Easy-Yoga teached by me, provides exercises which help to release the tensions on the side at your workplace or at home.

Besides physical muscle tensions there often are energetic imbalances.
Energy’s free flow is disturbed. While using Polarity therapy, I set individually adjusted impulses by applying my hand’s pressure or touch. These impulses support the body in the self-healing process.

Often the origin of the afflictions is on another level. The body just gives hints with tangible symptoms. It is my goal, to work together with you to find the origin and let it go.
Surprisingly often, a conversation and an open ear are enough to induct a salutary change of awareness.
To go deeper, I guide meditations and also have the possibility to open myself as a divine/spiritual channel and give you a light-transmission.
During the light-transmission I neutrally forward divine healing energy and light.


Polarity-treatment (energetic balance)

90 min.

  € 75,-

Terrapi-treatment (balance of body, spirit and soul)  

120 min.

  € 100,-

Polarity Yoga private hour

60 min.

  € 50,-


30 min.

  € 30,-

Foot reflexology

60 min.

  € 65,-

TAO HANDS light-transmission on soul level

30 min.

  € 50,-


Andrea Maria Schollmayer

About me:

  • Polarity-therapist (2006, Polarity Institut Frankfurt)
  • Holistic massage practitioner (2008, Body Balance)
  • Tao Hands Practitioner (2012, Tao Academy)
  • Nordic Walking Instructor
  • Polarity-Teacher (Polarity association Germany)
  • Soul Teacher (2018, Tao Academy)




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