Half an hour of relaxing

Take 30 minutes of time to spend together and be prepared for a whole new experience.
I am a hotel specialist with my own hotel, which I run together with my husband. My profession gives me the ability to adapt very quickly to the needs of the human being who is standing in front of me.
I myself have experienced and learned a lot of healing methods, therapies, massages, etc., myself, and now I have the need to bring my knowledge and experiences into the "public".
My deepest desire for souls is to support other people on their way to health, inner peace, joy and well-being.

I am a polarity therapist, a holistic massage practitioner, a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer and a Nordic Walking Basic Instructor.

Looking for peace, relaxation and recreation? Would you like to get in touch with yourself again? Give yourself 30 minutes with yourself and me.
EUR 35, - for 30 minutes
Do you know that?
You are tired, exhausted, listless, easily irritable, and have somehow lost the joy of your actions?
Everything is done in the endurance run, appointments structure our everyday life, for a nice chat hardly any time.
Is there something terribly wrong in your life, but you do not really have someone to talk about?
You know that you really need to do some sports, but the effort is too high for you and you can not really get to it. Or you have not yet found the right sport?
You have not been able to laugh about yourself for a long time, and nature does not really come true.
Every day you only run so far and you fall exhausted on the couch in the evening and wonder where the whole day has remained.
Some of them are known to you.
What can you do, what can we do together? 10 possibilities we have in 30 minutes together:
They sit down on my massage chair and I massage you on the clothes.
They lie down on my couch. I keep your head or feet and support your inner system by balancing myself with all my loving attention and knowledge.
We go out together. We walk, walk, give our whole attention to nature, our walking, our breath. We practice mindfulness with ourselves.
We talk. They tell me I listen, and if you want, I will help you find your own solution to the issue.
We do yoga exercises that are all-purpose, ie. Which you can also make at home alone.
Chakra balancing. Harmonize your energy centers on the couch.
Sound concert with my tuning forks. Tuning and harmonizing your nervous system.
"Heal the soul first, then follow spirit and body." Through a blessing with the Divine Healing Hands, I have the opportunity and grace to give you divine light and divine frequencies that work on the soul level and you in all aspects of your life Support.
I chant with you traditional healing songs and show you body knocking techniques for energizing and harmonizing, also for the house use.
We go into the inner silence. We meditate and come into contact with ourselves.




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