Polarity was developed in 60-year-old research project and practise tests by Dr. Randolph Stone. He mixed his essential knowledge from Ayurveda, Osteopathy, chiropractice and physical knowledge  and named it the Polarity - therapy which works with five elements and on the energetic anatomy. Dr. Stone assumedm, that that illnesses and pains are an expression of disturbances in the flow of the life energy. If these obstackles are removed,  the energy flows more freely and the person feels more vital and lighter.

And what is TERRAPi?

TERRAPi stands for: the ground under the feet, it is connected with the most internal core and feel that one is carried from above, by the big whole. The aim of the Polarity - the therapy is to connect the different poles of a person and to bring him thereby again into balance.

What belongs to the Polarity therapy?

The conversation

It is a important to find out something about the concerns and the needs of a person. What kind of support does a person require?  Should it be a reassuring or a stimulating massage or are deeper required?

The body work

By sensitive touching, gentle massagin, deep impulses in pain points, the oscillation brought to the body and changes in the obstackles solve the energy problem of the body. The selfhealing is thereby stimulated and the energy can flow more freely.


The yoga exercises


If the aim is to self-help. By easy to learn stretching and movement exercises, the body can become vital and remain that way. Yoga is all about the harmonisation of energy centres in the body and energy streams, as well as the mediation through reflex zones and their selfactivation.

The food

Food is like medicine. It supports the person and promotes its needs. A special cleansing diet, careful observation of the habits and the division of the food into the  elements: air, fire, water and earth can help divide which food favours health and well-being.

About me

At our hotel I come daily in contact with the most different people and their needs. Pressure, stress and strain are constant companions of the everyday life. My concern is to open the door, to make it possible to integrate relaxation and breaks into the daily routine. With it one can get joy of living and – have again more space. I am trained as a Polarity - therapist and comprehensive massage proffesional and thanks to my constant self-development I have a  lot of knowledge supporting me at my work.





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